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Hello there! My names Sonia, I will be attending USC this fall and I enjoy miscellaneous things including Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey, , Disney, Family Guy, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston, Los Angeles.. etc. ENJOY!

Bill Maher & Seth MacFarlane on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 01/29/14

My favorites!

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Farewell Old Friend, Brian Griffin. Rest In Peace..


Farewell Old Friend, Brian Griffin. Rest In Peace..

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vhs-repair-deactivated20140207 said: HELLO I was creeping on the USC tag and saw your post. Congratulations! I'll be attending in the fall as well for journalism/communications. What about USC appealed to you the most?

Hi! I love how I’ve met around fifty of my future classmates online already. Congratulations to you too! For me, a number of reasons: 1) LOS ANGELES (I’ve been dying to live in LA for the longest time) 2) The campus is so beautiful, how could I not want to wake up to that everyday? 3) The Cinematic Arts school (This is the number 1 reason). My dream is to become a writer/actor..etc so applying to the #1 film school in the world was the perfect choice. 4) The Trojan Family connections. I’m from Canada, and I was reading this article on a USC alumni who was able to stay and work in Los Angeles after she graduated and she thanked USC’s connections for that. 5) The sunshine haha. USC has been my dream school for 3 years now. How about you? 

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adultsrdumb said: i was thinking of applying as a 3d animation! i want to end up directing movies (i probably won't end up doing it) but i thought going through 3d animation would provide a backup for other jobs if i don't make it in directing! i'm thinking of actually directing a short movie this summer; anything really to make my portfolio better.

That sounds great! From what I’ve heard about SCA, most majors get to learn a variety of things, so if you get in you can direct too :)

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coalescing said: Ahhhh you want to write for movies??? I want to write music for movies haha :) how crazy .... And I also got accepted to USC!! Yayy! Happy day:)

YAY!!! I’m so happy for us!! USC class of 2017, here we come! If I ever need a beautiful score for my motion picture, I’d be sure to give you a call! My names Sonia by the way. Are you in the USC facebook group?

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adultsrdumb said: if you don't mind me asking, (i'm applying to the cinematic arts college next year), what did you put in your portfolio that you sent them? i'm flipping out because my grades aren't close to perfect and i heard usc looks closely at grades~

My grades weren’t perfect either. My GPA wasn’t fabulous and I had a SAT a bit less than 2000. Although, USC does have to accept you in the school first before the school of cinematic arts can, so I’d try to work my ass off to at least have numbers in range of what admissions is looking for. I got in as a screenwriting major, so I had to write like 2 essays, a couple scenes, a resume, and hand in 3 letters of recommendation.  The admission requirements are on the cinematic arts website now, and they don’t usually change from year to year so you can plan ahead :) I’m not sure what your major is (just curious, what are you applying for?) but things that are applicable  for all candidates are 1) the resume (so be VERY involved. Try to gain a lot of experience in your field) 2) excellent recommendation letters. Find teachers, instructors, anyone really who believes in you and will write a great recommendation. (you need 3). Did that help? 

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apalenhth said: Just got into USC Cinematic Arts too! :D (came across your tumblr because I was trolling the USC tag in the first place)

Awesome!! What are you majoring in? I’m in screenwriting :)

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